Canon EOS R100 24MP Mirrorless Camera with RF-S18-45mm F/4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens



  • Mirrorless
  • 24 MP Camera
  • 4K @ 24 fps UHD Video Recording
  • APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) CMOS Sensor
  • 3 in, 1M dots, LCD Display
  • 1/4000 sec Max Shutter Speed
  • Wifi, Hdmi
  • Microphone
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KSh 61,000.00


Introduction to the Canon EOS R100

The Canon EOS R100 has quickly garnered attention since its release, carving out a unique niche within Canon’s extensive lineup of cameras. Officially launched in early 2023, the EOS R100 is aimed primarily at beginner photographers and hobbyists looking for a versatile yet user-friendly camera. Positioned as an entry-level mirrorless camera, it promises to blend ease of use with high-quality imaging capabilities, making it an attractive option for those new to photography or those seeking a reliable secondary camera.

Canon has ensured that the EOS R100 stands out in a crowded market by incorporating several features that cater to its target audience. The camera boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around for casual photography and travel. Its intuitive interface and straightforward controls make it accessible for beginners who might otherwise be intimidated by more complex camera systems. The inclusion of key features like a high-resolution sensor and advanced autofocus technology ensures that users can capture sharp, vibrant images with minimal effort.

When comparing the EOS R100 to previous models, such as the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, and competitors like the Sony Alpha a6000, it becomes evident that Canon has taken significant strides to enhance performance while maintaining affordability. The EOS R100 offers improved image quality, faster processing speeds, and better connectivity options, making it a well-rounded choice for newcomers to the world of mirrorless cameras.

While professional photographers might seek more advanced models with higher-end specifications, the Canon EOS R100 is perfectly suited for those at the beginning of their photographic journey. Its combination of user-friendly features, portability, and competitive performance positions it as a top contender in the entry-level mirrorless camera segment.

Design and Build Quality

The Canon EOS R100 stands out with its meticulously crafted design, aimed at both amateur and professional photographers. The camera’s dimensions make it compact enough for easy portability without sacrificing essential features. Measuring approximately 132.5 x 85.0 x 70.0 mm, it fits comfortably in one’s hands, ensuring a stable grip for prolonged use. Weighing in at around 660 grams, the EOS R100 strikes a perfect balance between being lightweight and robust, making it an excellent companion for travel and on-the-go photography.

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the overall user experience, and Canon has clearly kept this in mind while designing the EOS R100. The grip is well-contoured, providing a secure yet comfortable hold. Button placement is intuitive, with all essential controls easily accessible, reducing the need to fumble during crucial shooting moments. This thoughtful design ensures that even photographers with smaller hands can handle the camera with ease.

When it comes to materials, the Canon EOS R100 does not disappoint. Constructed primarily from high-quality polycarbonate resin with glass fiber, the camera body is both durable and lightweight. This choice of materials ensures that the camera can withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its sleek appearance. The build quality is further enhanced by the use of metal in critical areas, adding an extra layer of durability where it’s needed most.

One of the standout features of the Canon EOS R100 is its weather sealing. This feature provides an added layer of protection against dust and moisture, allowing photographers to confidently shoot in various environmental conditions. Another notable design element is the fully articulating screen, which offers flexibility for shooting from diverse angles. This is particularly beneficial for vloggers and photographers who often find themselves in challenging shooting positions.

Overall, the Canon EOS R100’s design and build quality reflect a perfect blend of form and function, ensuring that it not only looks good but also performs reliably under various conditions.

Key Features and Specifications

The Canon EOS R100 is a sophisticated piece of photographic equipment designed to meet both amateur and professional needs. At its core is a full-frame CMOS sensor that delivers outstanding image quality, with a resolution of 24.1 megapixels ensuring sharp, detailed photos. This sensor size and type are crucial for capturing high-quality images, especially in low-light conditions.

The camera boasts an impressive ISO range, extending from 100 to 40,000, allowing for versatile shooting in various lighting conditions. This extensive ISO range enables photographers to capture clear images even in challenging settings. Additionally, the EOS R100 features a cutting-edge Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. This advanced autofocus system ensures rapid and precise focusing, enhancing the overall quality of the images and making it an excellent choice for both still photography and videography.

When it comes to burst shooting capabilities, the Canon EOS R100 does not disappoint. It supports continuous shooting at up to 8 frames per second, making it ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects with ease. This feature is particularly beneficial for sports and wildlife photographers who require quick and accurate shots.

The video recording features of the EOS R100 are equally impressive. It supports 4K UHD recording at 30 frames per second, providing high-definition video quality. Additionally, Full HD recording is available at up to 120 frames per second, allowing for smooth slow-motion playback. The camera also includes various special video modes, such as time-lapse and HDR movie recording, catering to a wide range of creative needs.

In terms of connectivity, the Canon EOS R100 is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. These features make it easy to transfer images and videos to other devices or directly to social media platforms. Furthermore, the camera includes a range of ports, including USB-C for fast data transfer and HDMI for external monitoring and recording. These connectivity options ensure that the EOS R100 is well-suited for modern, connected workflows.

Performance and Image Quality

The Canon EOS R100 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a variety of shooting conditions. Whether you are capturing images in bright sunlight or low-light environments, this camera consistently produces high-quality results. The EOS R100’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF system is both fast and accurate, ensuring that subjects are in sharp focus, even in challenging lighting scenarios. This autofocus system is particularly beneficial for action photography, where quick and precise focusing is crucial.

In terms of image quality, the Canon EOS R100 excels with its 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor. This sensor captures detailed images with excellent color reproduction and impressive dynamic range. The colors are vibrant yet natural, making the camera suitable for a wide range of photography styles, from portraits to landscapes. Additionally, the camera’s DIGIC 8 processor plays a significant role in enhancing image quality, reducing noise, and improving overall performance.

When it comes to low-light performance, the EOS R100 does not disappoint. The camera’s ISO range of 100-25600 allows for flexibility in various lighting conditions, and the noise reduction capabilities are commendable. Even at higher ISO settings, the images maintain a good level of detail and clarity, which is particularly useful for night photography or indoor shoots without a flash.

Sample images taken with the Canon EOS R100 reveal its capability to handle different shooting situations effectively. Compared to other cameras in the same price range, the EOS R100 stands out for its consistent performance and superior image quality. The combination of a robust autofocus system and a high-resolution sensor makes it a reliable choice for both amateur and professional photographers.

Overall, the Canon EOS R100 delivers outstanding performance and image quality, making it a versatile tool for photographers seeking reliable results in diverse shooting conditions. Its ability to perform well in both bright and low-light environments, coupled with its accurate autofocus and excellent color reproduction, solidifies its position as a formidable competitor in the market.

Ease of Use and User Experience

The Canon EOS R100 stands out for its user-friendly design, making it accessible to both novice and experienced photographers. The menu system is intuitively arranged, allowing users to navigate through settings with ease. This streamlined structure ensures that commonly used settings are just a few clicks away, minimizing the time spent fiddling with the camera and maximizing the time spent capturing memorable moments.

One of the standout features of the Canon EOS R100 is its guided modes, which are particularly beneficial for beginners. These modes offer in-camera tutorials and step-by-step instructions, making the learning curve less steep. For those just starting, these guided modes can significantly enhance the user experience by providing practical tips and tricks tailored to various shooting conditions.

Customizability is another strong point of the Canon EOS R100. The camera boasts several customizable buttons, allowing users to set their favorite functions for quick access. This feature is especially useful for more advanced users who have specific preferences and shooting styles. With the ability to personalize the camera’s interface, photographers can work more efficiently and comfortably.

User feedback consistently highlights the ergonomic design of the Canon EOS R100. The camera’s grip is comfortable to hold, even during extended shooting sessions. Users also appreciate the clear and bright electronic viewfinder, which provides a real-time preview of the shot, ensuring precise composition and exposure settings.

Testimonials from the photography community further reinforce the positive user experience. Many users commend the Canon EOS R100 for its simplicity and the seamless integration of advanced features. Whether capturing landscapes, portraits, or action shots, the camera performs reliably and intuitively, making it a favored choice among both amateurs and seasoned photographers.

Lens Compatibility and Accessories

The Canon EOS R100, part of Canon’s esteemed mirrorless lineup, boasts a versatile lens compatibility that accommodates both native RF lenses and a variety of options through adapters. This flexibility ensures that photographers can tailor their gear to meet specific needs, whether they are capturing portraits, landscapes, or macro shots.

Native RF lenses, designed specifically for Canon’s mirrorless cameras, offer excellent optical performance and advanced features. These lenses are known for their sharpness, fast autofocus, and robust build quality. For portrait photography, the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM is highly recommended due to its exceptional bokeh and low-light performance. Landscape photographers might prefer the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM, which provides a wide field of view and impressive image stabilization.

Using adapters, such as the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R, expands the range of compatible lenses to include Canon’s extensive EF and EF-S lens lineup. This option is particularly beneficial for photographers who already own Canon DSLR lenses, allowing them to seamlessly transition to the mirrorless system without investing in new glass. While using adapted lenses may introduce slight compromises in autofocus speed, the overall image quality remains high, making this a viable option for many practitioners.

Beyond lenses, the Canon EOS R100 can be customized with various accessories to enhance its functionality. External flashes, like the Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT, are essential for achieving professional lighting in different environments. For videographers, external microphones, such as the Rode VideoMic Pro+, can significantly improve audio quality. Additionally, battery grips, like the Canon BG-R10, provide extended shooting time and improved ergonomics, making the camera more comfortable to handle during long sessions.

In sum, the Canon EOS R100’s compatibility with a wide range of lenses and accessories makes it a versatile tool for photographers of all levels. Whether through native RF lenses or adapted options, users can find the right equipment to elevate their creative pursuits.

Pros and Cons

The Canon EOS R100 has garnered attention for its array of features and performance capabilities. To provide a balanced perspective, it is essential to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of this camera. Understanding these aspects will enable potential buyers to make an informed decision.


Image Quality: One of the standout features of the Canon EOS R100 is its excellent image quality. Equipped with a high-resolution sensor, it delivers sharp and detailed images, making it ideal for both professional and amateur photographers.

Autofocus System: The camera boasts an advanced autofocus system, ensuring quick and accurate focus even in challenging conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing fast-moving subjects and achieving precise focus in various shooting scenarios.

Compact and Lightweight: Designed with portability in mind, the Canon EOS R100 is compact and lightweight. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle, and it is easy to carry during travel or extended shooting sessions.

Versatile Lens Options: The Canon EOS R100 is compatible with a wide range of lenses, allowing photographers to experiment with different focal lengths and perspectives. This versatility enhances its appeal to photographers with diverse shooting requirements.


Battery Life: One notable drawback is the relatively short battery life. Users may find themselves needing to carry extra batteries, especially during long shoots or when shooting in remote locations without easy access to power sources.

Limited Native Lenses: While the EOS R100 offers compatibility with many lenses, the selection of native RF lenses is still growing. This might be a limitation for photographers who prefer using native lenses for optimal performance.

Price Point: The cost of the Canon EOS R100 may be a concern for budget-conscious buyers. While it offers a range of high-end features, the price might deter some potential users from making the investment.

By considering these pros and cons, prospective buyers can better gauge whether the Canon EOS R100 aligns with their photographic needs and preferences.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Canon EOS R100 emerges as a compelling option in the world of mirrorless cameras, particularly for budding photographers and videographers. Throughout this guide, we have delved into its robust features, commendable performance, and overall value proposition. The camera’s 24.1-megapixel APS-C sensor, coupled with the DIGIC 8 image processor, ensures high-quality images and efficient performance, making it a reliable companion for various photographic endeavors.

Key features like the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, 4K video recording, and a user-friendly interface stand out, enhancing the versatility and usability of the Canon EOS R100. The camera’s compact and lightweight design further adds to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize portability without sacrificing quality.

Performance-wise, the Canon EOS R100 delivers impressive results in both still photography and video shooting. The autofocus system is swift and accurate, ensuring sharp images even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the camera’s battery life is sufficient for extended shooting sessions, and the range of compatible RF lenses provides ample creative flexibility.

When considering overall value, the Canon EOS R100 offers a balanced blend of features and performance at a competitive price point. This makes it an attractive option for enthusiasts and semi-professionals looking to upgrade from entry-level models or for those venturing into mirrorless systems for the first time.

We recommend the Canon EOS R100 for photographers and videographers who seek a reliable, feature-rich camera that doesn’t break the bank. To maximize the potential of this camera, familiarize yourself with its settings and consider investing in additional lenses to suit your specific needs. Whether capturing landscapes, portraits, or action shots, the Canon EOS R100 is poised to deliver exceptional results.

Ultimately, the Canon EOS R100 stands out as a versatile and capable mirrorless camera, offering a solid foundation for capturing stunning visuals. Its comprehensive feature set and impressive performance make it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to elevate their photography or videography experience.


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