Havit H2230D Gaming Headphone


  • On the Ear
  • Wired
  • Microphone
  • 20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max) Frequency Response
  • 40 mm Driver
  • 32 ohm Impedance
  • 108±3dB Sensitivity
  • Inline Remote

KSh 3,000.00


Havit H2230D Gaming Headset: Affordable Performance for Everyday Gamers

The Havit H2230D is a wired gaming headset designed for everyday gaming sessions, offering essential features at a budget-friendly price point.

Focus on the Game:

  • Clear Audio: The H2230D delivers clear and balanced sound, allowing you to hear in-game sound effects, dialogue, and music without distortion. While it may not boast the most powerful bass response compared to higher-end headsets, it provides a good foundation for everyday gaming audio needs.
  • Detachable Microphone: Communicate with your teammates clearly. The H2230D features a detachable microphone with adjustable positioning for capturing your voice effectively. When not in use, the microphone can be conveniently detached.
  • Comfortable Design: The H2230D prioritizes comfort during extended gaming sessions. It features soft, over-ear earcups with leatherette padding and an adjustable headband for a secure and comfortable fit that reduces ear fatigue.
  • Universal Compatibility: The H2230D utilizes a standard 3.5mm jack connection, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, PlayStation 4 & 5 (may require additional adapter for PS5), Xbox One & Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch.

Table: Havit H2230D Specifications

Feature Description
Connection Wired (3.5mm Jack)
Speaker Drivers 53mm
Microphone Detachable Noise-Reducing Microphone
Earcups Over-Ear with Leatherette Padding
Compatibility PC, Laptop, PS4 (may require additional adapter), PS5 (requires additional adapter), Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch

Who is it for?

The Havit H2230D is a great choice for:

  • Budget-conscious gamers looking for a basic and functional headset for everyday gaming.
  • Casual gamers who don’t require high-end features or powerful surround sound.
  • Anyone who wants a comfortable headset with a detachable microphone for clear communication during gameplay.

Solid Performance at an Attractive Price

The Havit H2230D provides a practical solution for gamers who prioritize affordability and comfort. It delivers clear audio, a detachable microphone, and a comfortable design, making it a suitable option for casual gamers and those looking for a good value on a basic headset.

Note: When using the Havit H2230D with a PlayStation 5, an additional adapter may be required for microphone functionality. Refer to the Havit website or product manual for your specific H2230D model for confirmation. Some functionalities, like virtual surround sound (if mentioned on the specific model you purchase), might be dependent on software or drivers. Related Products