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Huawei Watch Buds


  • Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, NFC
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 1.3 inches Touch Display
  • Water Resistant, IP54
  • Dust Proof
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count

KSh39,900 KSh45,000


Huawei Watch Buds Smartwatch with Earbuds in Kenya and Full Specifications

The Huawei Watch Buds redefines smartwatch functionality by incorporating wireless earbuds directly into the watch itself. This innovative design eliminates the need for a separate charging case for the earbuds, offering a convenient and compact all-in-one solution.

Striking Design and Seamless Integration

The Huawei Watch Buds features a stylish and modern design. The watch itself boasts a round display and a stainless steel frame, while the earbuds rest comfortably within the watch’s charging cradle. This innovative design ensures both style and functionality.

Immersive Display and Powerful Performance

The Watch Buds come equipped with a high-resolution AMOLED display for clear and vivid visuals. Details regarding the display size and resolution are yet to be revealed, but Huawei promises a user-friendly viewing experience. The watch is powered by an unspecified processor that should be capable of handling everyday tasks and smartwatch functions smoothly.

Uncompromised Audio Experience with Integrated Earbuds

The true innovation of the Huawei Watch Buds lies in its integration of wireless earbuds. These earbuds boast active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, allowing you to enjoy immersive audio or focus on calls without distractions. While specific details on sound quality are unavailable, Huawei’s reputation for audio technology suggests a capable listening experience.

Fitness Tracking and Health Monitoring

The Huawei Watch Buds caters to the health-conscious user as well. It offers various fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2), and workout tracking. This allows you to monitor your overall health and performance during exercise.

Battery Life and Durability

Huawei has yet to reveal the specific battery capacity of the Watch Buds. However, considering the innovative two-in-one design, the watch can likely be expected to offer a decent battery life that can power both the watch and the earbuds for everyday use. Durability specifications are also unavailable, but the watch’s design suggests it should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear.View related Smartwatch Here

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