JBL Authentic 200



  • Home Audio System
  • Wired, Wireless Speakers
  • 2.0 Channel
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 10 m Range
  • 50 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max) Frequency Response
  • 2 x 25mm tweeter + 5″ woofer Driver
  • Subwoofer

KSh 52,000.00


JBL Authentic 200: Retro Style Meets Modern Sound

The JBL Authentic 200 is a wireless home speaker that blends classic design with cutting-edge audio technology. Here’s a closer look at what this unique speaker offers:

Vintage Looks, Premium Build

Image of JBL Authentic 200 speaker
  • Inspired by JBL’s heritage, the Authentic 200 boasts a distinctive design featuring:
    • A classic Quadrex grille, reminiscent of iconic JBL speakers from the 70s.
    • A sophisticated enclosure wrapped in custom, leather-like material.
    • A sturdy and stylish premium aluminum frame.

Immersive Audio Experience

The JBL Authentic 200 isn’t just about looks; it delivers impressive sound quality as well.

  • Stereo sound: Delivers a wide soundscape that fills your room with music.
  • Powerful output: With 90 watts of total power, the speaker provides rich and clear audio, even at high volumes.
  • Deep bass: A down-firing passive radiator enhances the low-end frequencies for a more impactful listening experience.

Versatile Connectivity and Control

The Authentic 200 offers multiple ways to connect and control your music:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Stream music directly from online services like Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, or Chromecast built-in.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: Enjoy wireless connectivity with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for a cable-free experience.
  • Voice Assistants: The speaker has both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in, allowing you to control playback, adjust volume, and access other features using voice commands.
  • JBL One App: Download the JBL One App to customize the sound EQ, manage connected devices, and explore integrated music services.

Additional Features

  • Multi-room playback: Connect multiple JBL Authentic 200 speakers throughout your home to create a whole-house audio system.
  • Room correction: The speaker automatically adjusts its sound output based on the acoustics of your listening environment.
  • Eco-friendly design: The Authentic 200 is partially made from recycled materials, including 100% recycled fabric, 85% recycled plastics, and 50% recycled aluminum.

Here’s a table summarizing the key features of the JBL Authentic 200:



Design Retro style with Quadrex grille, leather-like enclosure, and aluminum frame
Sound System Stereo 2.0
Power Output 90 watts
Frequency Response 50Hz – 20kHz
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.3
Voice Assistants Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
App Control JBL One App
Multi-Room Playback Yes
Room Correction Yes
Eco-Friendly Materials Yes

The JBL Authentic 200 is a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates classic aesthetics and high-fidelity sound. It’s a stylish conversation starter that fills your home with rich audio and offers convenient control options. Related Products

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