JBL Live 770nc



  • Headphone
  • Over the Ear
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Microphone
  • 10 m Range
  • 20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max) Frequency Response
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KSh 21,500.00 KSh 25,000.00


JBL Live 770NC Wireless Headphones Full Specs and Price in Kenya

JBL Live 770NC Wireless Headphones price in Kenya starts from Ksh 21,500.The JBL Live 770NC Blue headphones represent a significant advancement in the realm of audio technology, blending innovative features with the brand’s longstanding reputation for high-quality sound. As a distinguished name in the audio industry, JBL has consistently delivered products that cater to the diverse needs of both casual listeners and audiophiles. The Live 770NC Blue is no exception, designed to offer an immersive audio experience through its state-of-the-art active noise-canceling capabilities and superior sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL Live 770NC Blue makes a striking impression with its sleek, modern design. The vibrant blue color not only sets it apart aesthetically but also adds a touch of sophistication. The headphones feature a combination of high-quality plastic and durable metal components, ensuring both longevity and a premium feel. The ear cups are generously padded with memory foam, wrapped in a soft leather-like material that provides excellent comfort for extended listening sessions.

In terms of build quality, the JBL Live 770NC Blue does not disappoint. The headband is reinforced with a metallic strip, offering both flexibility and sturdiness. This robust construction minimizes the risk of damage from everyday wear and tear. Users have reported that the headphones feel solid and well-constructed, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. The folding design adds a layer of convenience, making it easy to store and transport the headphones without compromising their structural integrity.

Comfort is another significant aspect where the JBL Live 770NC Blue excels. The adjustable headband ensures a snug fit for various head sizes, while the ear cups have a swivel mechanism that adapts to the contours of the wearer’s ears. This ergonomic design reduces pressure points, enhancing overall comfort. Users have noted that even after prolonged use, the headphones remain comfortable, making them an ideal choice for long commutes or extended listening sessions.

When compared to other models in the same price range, the JBL Live 770NC Blue stands out for its combination of style, durability, and comfort. Competing models often fall short in one of these areas, making the JBL Live 770NC Blue a well-rounded option. User impressions consistently highlight the headphones’ robust construction and comfortable fit, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable and stylish choice in the market.

Sound Quality and Performance

The JBL Live 770NC Blue headphones are designed to deliver an exceptional auditory experience, blending robust technical specifications with superior sound performance. One of the standout features of these headphones is their dynamic sound profile, which ensures clarity and balance across all frequency ranges.

The bass response on the JBL Live 770NC Blue is particularly noteworthy. Equipped with 40mm drivers, these headphones provide deep, resonant bass that enhances the listening experience for genres like hip-hop, EDM, and pop. The bass is powerful yet controlled, avoiding the muddiness that can often plague other headphones in this category.

The midrange performance is equally impressive. Vocals and instruments are rendered with precision, making the JBL Live 770NC Blue a great choice for rock, jazz, and classical music. The midrange is neither recessed nor overly forward, striking a perfect balance that allows for a natural and engaging listening experience.

High frequencies are handled with finesse, providing clear and crisp treble without any harshness. This makes the headphones suitable for a wide range of audio content, from podcasts and audiobooks to high-energy tracks. The treble extension is smooth, ensuring that details are not lost, even in complex musical compositions.

In terms of technical specifications, the JBL Live 770NC Blue boasts a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, ensuring that all audible frequencies are covered. The headphones also feature active noise cancellation (ANC), which enhances the overall sound quality by reducing ambient noise. This is particularly beneficial in noisy environments, allowing listeners to enjoy their music without distractions.

Overall, the JBL Live 770NC Blue excels in delivering a balanced and immersive sound experience. Whether you are an audiophile or a casual listener, these headphones are designed to meet and exceed your expectations across various genres and audio content.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Features

The JBL Live 770NC Blue headphones are equipped with advanced Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, a feature designed to enhance the listening experience by reducing unwanted ambient sounds. ANC works by using built-in microphones to detect external noises and then generating sound waves that are the exact opposite (anti-phase) to cancel them out. This results in a significant reduction of background noise, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in their audio without external distractions.

The effectiveness of the ANC in the JBL Live 770NC Blue is commendable across various environments. In a bustling cityscape, the headphones efficiently minimize the sounds of traffic and pedestrian chatter, providing a tranquil auditory experience. Similarly, in an office setting, the ANC successfully diminishes the hum of air conditioning units and background conversations, making it easier to concentrate on work or enjoy music in peace.

When compared to other ANC headphones within its price range, the JBL Live 770NC Blue stands out for its robust performance. While some competitors may offer slightly better noise isolation, the JBL model excels in balancing noise cancellation with sound quality. The ANC feature does not overly compromise the audio fidelity, ensuring that music and podcasts remain rich and clear. Additionally, the adjustable ANC levels provide users with the flexibility to tailor the noise cancellation to their specific needs, which is a noteworthy advantage.

In more controlled environments such as libraries or at home, the ANC of the JBL Live 770NC Blue performs exceptionally well, creating a nearly silent backdrop that enhances the user’s focus. However, in extremely noisy settings such as airplanes, while the ANC does a respectable job, it may not entirely eliminate all low-frequency noises like engine roars. Nonetheless, it significantly reduces them to a manageable level.

Overall, the ANC capabilities of the JBL Live 770NC Blue are highly effective and versatile, making these headphones a solid choice for users seeking quality noise cancellation across different scenarios.

The JBL Live 770NC Blue stands out with its robust battery life, making it an ideal choice for prolonged use in various environments. Equipped with a high-capacity battery, the headphones boast up to 40 hours of continuous playback time without Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). When ANC is activated, users can still enjoy an impressive 30 hours of uninterrupted listening. These figures position the JBL Live 770NC Blue among the top performers in its category, catering to both casual listeners and audiophiles who demand extended playtime.

Charging the JBL Live 770NC Blue is a seamless experience. The headphones feature a convenient USB-C charging port, which supports fast charging capabilities. A full charge takes approximately two hours, ensuring that users spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their music. Additionally, the quick-charge feature is a notable highlight; a mere 15-minute charge provides up to two hours of playback. This is particularly useful for those moments when you need a quick power boost before heading out.

User experiences with the battery life of the JBL Live 770NC Blue have been overwhelmingly positive. Many users appreciate the longevity of the battery, noting that it often exceeds their expectations, especially during long commutes or travel. To maximize battery performance, it is recommended to turn off ANC when it is not necessary and to lower the volume to a moderate level. These simple adjustments can significantly extend the battery life, ensuring the headphones remain functional throughout the day.

Another tip for optimizing battery life is to keep the firmware updated. JBL periodically releases updates that can enhance battery performance and overall functionality. Users can check for updates via the JBL app, ensuring their headphones are always operating at peak efficiency. By following these tips and understanding the charging dynamics, users can fully leverage the impressive battery life of the JBL Live 770NC Blue.

Connectivity and Controls

The JBL Live 770NC Blue offers a versatile connectivity suite, ensuring users have multiple options to connect their devices seamlessly. Primarily, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology incorporated in these headphones facilitates a robust wireless connection, providing reliable and high-quality audio streaming. The pairing process is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring only a few steps to sync with smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Once paired, the stability of the connection is commendable, with minimal dropouts and interruptions, even in environments with multiple wireless devices.

For users who prefer or require a wired connection, the JBL Live 770NC Blue also includes a 3.5mm audio cable. This feature ensures continuous usage, especially when the battery is low or in situations where Bluetooth connectivity is restricted. The transition between wired and wireless modes is smooth, enhancing the overall flexibility of the headphones.

Control functionality is another area where the JBL Live 770NC Blue excels. The headphones are equipped with both physical buttons and touch-sensitive controls, strategically placed for ease of access. The physical buttons, located on the ear cups, offer tactile feedback for essential functions like power, volume adjustment, and playback control. These buttons are well-spaced and responsive, making them easy to operate even while on the move.

In addition to physical buttons, the touch controls add a modern touch to the user interface. Touch-sensitive panels allow for intuitive gestures such as swiping to change tracks, tapping to pause or play music, and holding to activate voice assistants. The responsiveness of these touch controls is noteworthy, accurately registering user inputs without significant delays or errors. This combination of physical and touch controls provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, catering to a wide range of user preferences.

Additional Features and Accessories

The JBL Live 770NC Blue boasts an array of additional features designed to enhance user experience. One of the standout attributes is its seamless voice assistant integration. Users can effortlessly access Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with a simple tap on the ear cup, allowing for hands-free control of music playback, navigation, and other tasks. This feature provides a significant convenience for those who prefer a more interactive, voice-controlled experience.

Furthermore, the JBL Live 770NC Blue is accompanied by comprehensive app support through the JBL Headphones app. This application offers extensive customization options, enabling users to fine-tune sound settings to their preference, update firmware, and manage various audio profiles. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that even those unfamiliar with audio customization can navigate and utilize its features with ease.

In terms of accessories, the JBL Live 770NC Blue includes a robust set of items to enhance portability and usability. A high-quality carrying case is provided, offering protection against scratches and minor impacts during travel. The case is compact and designed to fit the headphones snugly, ensuring safe storage.

Additionally, the package includes a charging cable and an audio cable with a 3.5mm jack, catering to both wireless and wired listening preferences. The inclusion of an airline adapter further accentuates the travel-friendly nature of these headphones, making them an excellent companion for frequent flyers.

Overall, the additional features and accessories of the JBL Live 770NC Blue significantly contribute to its value proposition, making it a versatile and user-friendly choice for a wide range of listening scenarios.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

In this comprehensive review of the JBL Live 770NC Blue headphones, we have explored numerous aspects that contribute to their overall appeal. The design, characterized by its sleek aesthetics and comfortable build, makes these headphones suitable for extended use. The performance, particularly the sound quality, is impressive with a balanced audio profile that caters to various music genres. Noise cancellation capabilities further enhance the listening experience by minimizing external disturbances.

Feature-wise, the JBL Live 770NC Blue offers a range of functionalities including touch controls, voice assistant integration, and a reliable battery life. These elements combine to provide a user-friendly experience that aligns with modern technological expectations. Moreover, the ability to customize sound settings through the JBL app adds an extra layer of personalization, allowing users to tailor their audio experience to their preferences.

However, it is important to consider some of the cons associated with these headphones. While the noise cancellation is effective, it may not be on par with some of the leading competitors in the market. Additionally, the touch controls, while innovative, can sometimes be overly sensitive, leading to unintentional commands. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall functionality and performance remain robust.

When evaluating the value for money, the JBL Live 770NC Blue stands out as a commendable option within its price range. It offers a well-rounded package that balances design, performance, and features, making it a worthy consideration for potential buyers. For users seeking reliable, high-quality headphones with a blend of modern features and solid performance, the JBL Live 770NC Blue proves to be a prudent investment.


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