Syinix Syn-SB580 Soundbar

EQ Audio provides the most immersiveand supreme sound experience for customers.

Powerful Bass
Equalizer Tone Adjustment
Wall Mount/Desktop Mode

KSh 11,500.00 KSh 15,000.00


Syinix Syn-SB580 Soundbar

The Syinix Syn-SB580 soundbar is an affordable option marketed for enhancing your TV’s audio experience. Information on the soundbar’s technical specifications is limited, but based on available details, here’s what we know:

  • Features:
    • EQ Audio technology for sound adjustments according to preference (bass, treble, etc.)
    • Powerful bass for a more immersive listening experience
    • USB and SD card slots for music playback from external storage devices
    • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming from smartphones, tablets, or laptops
    • Remote control for volume, playback, and sound adjustments
    • Wall mountable or desktop placement

Limited information available:

  • While details on specific power output or speaker configuration are unavailable, marketing materials emphasize a powerful bass experience.
  • There’s no mention of advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support.


The Syinix Syn-SB580 soundbar seems like a budget-friendly soundbar option designed to improve TV sound quality with features like adjustable EQ, strong bass, and Bluetooth connectivity. However, due to the lack of detailed specifications, it’s difficult to assess its sound quality compared to other soundbars in the market. Related Products

Here’s a table summarizing the available information:



Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, SD Card
Remote Control Yes
Wall mountable Yes
Advanced Audio Formats Not mentioned

Finding more information:

Since technical specifications are limited, here are some suggestions for finding more details:

  • Check the official Syinix website for product information: https://ke.syinix.com/
  • Look for user reviews on online shopping platforms where the soundbar might be sold.
  • Search for video reviews on platforms like YouTube to get a feel for the sound quality (be mindful of potential sponsored content).