Oppo Phones and Prices in Kenya
Oppo is a well-known and popular brand for smartphones and accessories in Kenya. Oppo officially began operations in 2004 in China and grew over the years to be one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers globally. In 2016, Oppo became the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China, with over 200,000 retail outlets.

Over the years to date, step by step, Oppo has built a global innovation system that bolsters the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. Since its establishment, it has expanded to over 60+ countries including Kenya. Its ColorOS now includes a full spectrum of system applications optimizing the user experience for 500 million users globally.

Oppo began operations in the Kenyan market selling smartphones and accessories in April 2015. It is now 9 years since it set up base in Kenya. Phoneplace Kenya has been stocking and selling Oppo smartphones since then. Whether you are looking for a basic smartphone, mid-level or high-end Oppo smartphone, Phoneplace will help you acquire it.

Some of the most popular Oppo smartphones in the Kenyan market and stocked at Phoneplace include the Oppo Reno A series, Oppo Reno series, Oppo Find Series, and Oppo Find N Series.

Oppo A Series: For budget to mid-level buyers, Oppo A Series provide a wide range of smartphone with great features and functionalities such as immersive displays, long-lasting batteries, fast processors and the decent camera sets to capture moments and record videos. Examples of Oppo A series phones to choose from include:

Oppo A18
Oppo A98 5G
Oppo A55
Oppo Reno Series: these are mid-level to high-end smartphones owned by Oppo. The Reno series phones have high-end features and features that set them apart from competitor smartphones and Oppo Series phones. They include:

Oppo Find N Series: this is the latest series in Oppo’s ambitious push to dominate the mobile industry and take a share of the high-end market. Oppo recently launched the Oppo Find N2 Flip device, which rivals flagship flip phones launched by competing brands such as Nokia and Samsung.

No matter what your budget, need or preference is, Oppo handsets are proving to tick all the right boxes.

Great processing speed and power, including the ColorOS.
Sufficient memory space
Decent camera package to take pictures and record videos
Excellent battery power and fast charging support
Decent display for optimized user experience
Readily available accessories
Service center for after-sales services
Visit PhoneShop Kenya’s physical retail store in Nairobi CBD or shop online on our website for the latest, genuine smartphone and accessories at affordable prices.

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